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No.42 Interiors

Crucial Trading was founded in 1986 by David and Janet Green in London, moving to new offices based in Shropshire in 1988. Crucial Trading was set up to exclusively produce and sell only natural material floorcoverings and remain at the forefront of innovative design offering a superb selection.

Whether celebrated stripes, serene cream or a grey hue, their wool collection comes in a myriad of colours so whatever your personal preference browse the selection of intricate designs that make up the opulent wools.

Alternatively, there are just some classical pairings which have a natural affinity, like the darkest chocolate with a hint of chilli, or wool and sisal! Crucial Trading took it upon themselves to innovate and became the first to balance the opposite characteristics of wool and sisal, creating a distinctive new blend, sisool.

Otherwise their natural plant fibre family consists of jute, seagrass, coir and sisal, available in an array of alluring colours, from quintessential earthy tones through to shocking reds, peaceful blues and intense blacks. Their story of survival, from exotic environments around the world, etched into their fibres like a badge of honour.

No matter what your choice your carpet or rug will transform your home into an environment you can be proud of!

Available now in our showroom in Uttoxeter

Call for details 01889 358 540