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No. 42 Interiors

Kathrin Geller

We are really excited to be exhibiting and working exclusively in the UK with renowned Atelier artist Kathrin Geller, who has been creating unique works of art for more than 20 years.


Kathrin lives in the beautiful scenic Schleswig region of Germany with nature serving as a constant visual source of inspiration.


“Nature provides some of the most beautiful forms and ideas for art… just take a look at the sun, it rises, and sets again and again yet each are different and each time completely new and impressive in composition of light and colour. And the moon serves as a counterpart with its magical shining beauty at night. I try with my works to capture exactly this magic, so that it then can fill a room as an astonishingly warm mood.”

Kathrin Geller

Kathrin has always been creative and artistically minded yet the Atelier concept was founded after she moved into a beautiful old apartment with high ceilings and couldn’t find the right piece of art to hang on her walls. After creating a piece for herself, friends and family were so fascinated by the piece that they asked for one, followed by friends of friends and so on. Kathrin eventually decided to experiment with materials, colours and of course light, and so Atelier Kathrin Geller was born!


Kathrin’s artistic passion is incorporated and felt in every unique piece of art whether it be in a home, office, hotel lobby or showroom.


Here at No.42 Interiors, we have found that hanging an Atelier Kathrin Geller piece on the wall instantly transforms the mood of a room creating a truly enchanting atmosphere whilst instilling a sense of tranquillity.