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Maison Berger AROMA D-STRESS Scented Bouquet - Diffuser Refill 200ml


The Aroma D-Stress Scented Bouquet Refill is a source of olfactory relief for the body and the mind thanks to the remarkable aromachological virtues of essential oil of mandarin. Zesty bergamot combines with floral mimosa, fruity melon and the warmth of musk. The sweet fragrance encourages you to enjoy well-deserved moments of scented relaxation!

Sit comfortably, slow your breathing and release your body from its tensions for a renewed well-being. All this is possible thanks to the Aroma D-Stress Bouquet Refill and its soothing aromachological properties. Many other fragrances exist in the Aroma collection, these are available in several gestures to meet your desires and your search for positive emotions. To make your home a real cocoon.


Diffusion time approximately 8 weeks, to relax and unwind.

Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants


Amount 200 ml
Material Isopropanol, Fragrances, Perfumes
Product Code  MB6264