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Maison Berger Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser Refill


Establish a moment of calm with this unique olfactory composition with fragrances of patchouli and lavender to facilitate sleep.

The Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser Refill is innovative and has been developed to a patented protocol. Its olfactory composition is enriched with essential oils of patchouli and lavender that are known to facilitate sleep and to improve the quality of sleep. The reassuring scent of bergamot is combined with fresh rose and warm vanilla as well as delicate lily of the valley and notes of amber.

This fragrance will take you on a dreamlike voyage to the land of Nod.

For simplified use, the solution is directly ready-to-use, which saves you from having to perform your own complex blends and meticulous doses of water and essential oils. The Aroma Dream Mist Diffuser Refill is another way to help you prepare for bed. For your emotional well-being, discover our entire Aroma collection and its fragrances. The ambiance in your home will change in time with your mood.

Ready to use solution with just the right amount of fragrance, no risk of under- or over-dosing. Reduces build-up of limescale and deposits

Amount 475 ml
Material Isopropanol, Fragrances, Perfumes
Product Code  MB6487