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Maison Berger Aroma Energy Sparkling Zest Car Diffuser Refills


A modern fragrance with Sparkling Zest to keep your energy levels high no matter how many kilometres you travel by car.

The Aroma Energy Car Diffuser Refills with Sparkling Zest will reinvigorate you during long car journeys. The citrus notes of lemon, orange and grapefruit arrive with a flourish in comparison with the rose-based intensely floral heart note. Pineapple adds a discreetly exotic touch that is offset in the base notes by softer musk.

This olfactory composition is enriched with grapefruit essential oil that is recognised for its invigorating aromachological virtues. This astonishing zesty fragrance is simply full of surprises!

These Aroma Energy Car Diffuser Refills in ceramic are manufactured in Limoges using French technical expertise that is close to the heart of Maison Berger Paris. Sold in sets of two, they will guarantee you several weeks of well-being and fragrance.

Several Aroma fragrances are available to create a olfactory atmosphere that is all your own inside your car. For those who appreciate this collection, it is also available in perfume rituals for the home.

The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.

Amount 2 x Scented Refills
Material  Ceramic
Product Code  MB6417