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Maison Berger Aroma Respire - Icy Stroll Scented Bouquet - Diffuser


Aroma Respire offers you a refreshing olfactory festival, ideal for promoting the sensation of respiratory well-being.

The Aroma Respire Scented Bouquet promotes the sensation of respiratory well-being thanks to essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint which enhance the fragrance. Its aromatic and minty freshness based on eucalyptus, thyme and peppermint releases you. A fragrant breath takes you instantly to the fjords of Scandinavia.

Bouquet pre-filled with Aroma Respire fragrance

Refillable with 200ml Scented Bouquet Refill

Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants


Height  21cm
Width 8cm
Length 8cm
Material  Frosted Glass
Colour Clear, Silver, White
Reference  MB6229
Volume  180 ml