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Maison Berger Aromas D-Stress Mist Diffuser Refill


Fatigue and stress have gradually taken over and your nerves are frayed… Restore your serenity with the fruity sweetness of Aroma D-Stress.

The Aroma D-Stress Mist Diffuser Refill helps to calm nervous tension with its Sweet Fruit perfume. Fresh and zesty head note fragrances will awaken your sense of smell! Bergamot, orange and mandarin bring all their fruity scents. They are followed by a touch of green freshness with melon and the delicately floral perfume of mimosa. More gentle and powdery tones are introduced by the base notes of musk.

This ready to use fragrance is enriched with mandarin essential oil that offers olfactory freshness and sweetness. The aromachological properties of the Aroma D-Stress Mist Diffuser Refill are highly appreciated and allow you to relax.

The Aroma collection is available in several perfume rituals and perfumes that are adapted to your needs for a torrid, dynamic, or focussed atmosphere. When you adopt the ritual that is right for you with the appropriate Aroma fragrance, you are guaranteed a moment suspended in time.

Ready to use solution with just the right amount of fragrance, no risk of under- or over-dosing. Reduces build-up of limescale and deposits

Amount 475 ml
Material Isopropanol, Fragrances, Perfumes
Product Code  MB6491