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Authentic Models - Navigator’s Desk, Black


Travelers and seafarers of yore had to be resourceful in order to survive. Desks on board ships had to be cleared and stowed at a moment’s notice. Things had to be multi-functional. In the case of our desk, the two supports could act as steps into the navigator’s bunk, or to mount a camel, whichever came first. The desktop, complete with drawers and brass bound, could act to stop musket bullets when under fire. Faux leather top, hand rubbed French finish, somewhat beat-up; proof of its many voyages and colorful history.

Item number -  AM-MF022

Color -              Honey Distressed French Finish

Width (cm) -    70

Length (cm) -  140.5

Height (cm) -   78

Width (inch) -  27,6

Length (inch) - 55,3

Height (inch) - 30,7