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From the Anvil Beeswax Spike Pin for 91900


Product information
Overall Length: 190mm
Spike Length: 158mm
Pin Diameter: 15mm

Additional information

A replacement part ideal for hanging or 24" Band Hinge (33216) or for hanging other hinges needing a pin diameter of 15mm. The spike pin can be used as an alternative or more traditional method of fixing.

To fix the spike pin to the frame drill a small hole ie. 8-10mm the full length, then a larger hole half the length and hammer home taking care not to go to deep as you cannot withdraw once fitted.

Suitable for use internally. Can be used externally but will show signs of rust over time. Maintenance instructions must be followed to preserve the finish of your product.

Finished in Beeswax - for more information see the finishes guide here.