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From the Anvil Brasso


Product information
Brasso polish will restore a brass finish and afford protection.

Additional information

All of our brass products are cast from high quality solid brass and have been manufactured to the highest standards. They are un-lacquered and will therefore naturally age through oxidization.
Polished Brass items will need to be maintained at regular intervals if you would like to keep the original quality and finish, especially if being used externally or in high moisture areas (bathrooms etc). A monthly polish will suffice in these situations and will be enough to maintain the quality finish. Alternatively, the brass can be left to age through oxidization and will gain a darkened patina over the years.

Aged Brass is achieved by accelerating the ageing process of the un-lacquered brass then re-polishing. The result is a beautiful finish which hightlights any dark detail on the product. To retain the original finish, regular polishing with a good quality metal polish is essential. However, if the intention is to allow the surface to age through oxidization, no attention needs to be given. Over time the brass will acquire a darker and more aged patina.