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Maison Berger Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refill


A deliciously fruity and spicy fragrance, a subtle blend that can be enjoyed even behind the wheel. Your car will become a fragrant haven.

The peppery and rose scents of ginger unite with the sweet and tangy side of the orange in the head notes. Powdery tonka bean brings character to the fragrance, strengthened by the warmth of nutmeg and heady cinnamon. In the base notes, delicious hints of vanilla and exotic fruity scents of coconut are a delight. Musk offers some more sensual tones. Your trip will be enhanced and you can enjoy a genuine festive and delicious moment. The Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refills herald the advent of the winter period, but also the end of year celebrations. Sold in a pack of two scented ceramics, the Orange Cinnamon Car Diffuser Refills will add perfume to your car interior for up to 4 weeks! The perfume intensity has been balanced for your olfactory comfort. Choose your favourite perfume among all our available refills and you will find what you are looking for.

The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.

2 x Scented Refills
Material  Ceramic
Product Code  MB6435