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Maison Berger Raspberry Amphora Lampe Berger Gift Pack


Expressing both refinement and passion, let yourself be captivated by the chic curves of this lamp with the voluptuous and floral Orange Blossom fragrance for a warm atmosphere.

The Raspberry Amphora Lampe Berger Gift Pack creates an energising and warm atmosphere. The raspberry colour and the sculpted curves of the lamp, designed by Armand Delsol, give a little touch of feminine glamour to your decoration. Combined with the Orange Blossom fragrance with its floral and plant facets, feel the immediate comfort of a purified and perfumed interior.

This gift pack contains a 250ml Orange Blossom gift refill

Designed by De Vog


Height  15.5cm
Width 7.8cm
Length 7.8cm
Material  Lacquered glass
Mount  Amphora Silver Mounting
Colour Raspberry
Reference  MB-4491
Volume  300 ml