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Maison Berger Paprika Resonance Lampe Berger


Return your focus to the essential! A pinch of colour, a dazzling perfume, a perfect recipe specially concocted for a soothing escapade.

The designer Sylvie de France imagined the Resonance collection as a voyage in consciousness. The Resonance Paprika Lampe Berger captures vital, elementary energy. Its multiple facets, its graphic curves and its heavy silver mount invite you to keep your feet on the ground. The spicy, dark red paprika colour symbolises the first of your seven chakras, called the "Root Chakra" or Muladhara. Withdraw from this hyperactive world for a few moments and take some time to re-energise by creating your own fragrant cocoon. The Resonance Paprika Lampe Berger with its distinctive patterns inspired by the lozenge shape that appears on the entire collection is harmonious, and perfect for a spicy décor. It purifies the air, neutralises bad odours and adds a pleasant fragrance to the rooms of your house using the Maison Berger Paris interior fragrances. Would you like to choose a different colour? Why not try the Resonance Transparent Lampe Berger or the Resonance Violet Lampe Berger.

Based at the intersection of the eras, in the districts of the Belle Epoque of Paris in Montmartre and the futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai, Sylvie de France likes to create bridges between Ying and Yang. Specialised in the world of luxury and cosmetics, the designer works for top brands: Boucheron, Rolex, Yves Saint Laurent, Van Cleef & Arpels, etc. Her latest collaboration with Maison Berger Paris is for the Lolita Lempicka bottle for Lampe Berger.

Height  14.5cm
Width 10cm
Length 10cm
Material  Glass
Mount  Silver Resonance Mount
Colour Paprika
Reference  MB4686
Volume  400 ml