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No. 42 Interiors

Katy Rundle

Katy works from her studio at the prestigious “Project Workshops” in Quarley, Hampshire. Her work has been inspired and influenced by two years living in Kenya. 

A love of colour, pattern and light was enriched by the Kenyan culture, climate, wildlife, and the work of local artisans. 

Her textile art pieces are collages that use vibrant printed cotton fabrics over-sewn with free machine embroidery. The coloured cottons then add depth, tone and richness to the compositions.

Being the daughter of a highly skilled amateur seamstress and painter, perhaps Katy was always destined to be a textile artist and to make it her second career.

For nearly thirty years Katy was a nurse with the NHS, latterly specialising in palliative care as a hospital based Macmillan nurse.In 2013 Katy moved to Kenya with her husband in his new posting with the British Army. 

It was here that Katy found the space and time to explore her passion for art, immersing herself in the vibrant culture of awesome landscape, fascinating people and amazing wildlife