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Maison Berger AROMA HAPPY Scented Bouquet - Diffuser Refill 200ml


Discover or rediscover the AROMA Happy fragrance, a fresh and aquatic fragrance.

Refill for scented bouquet-diffuser containing 200ml of AROMA Happy Aquatic Freshness. A fresh and aquatic fragrance for a joyful and lively atmosphere. The flight is crisp and refreshing with apple and melon; the heart is luminous with its sunny facet and the delicately amber-infused bottom completes the olfactory composition.

Diffusion time approximately 8 weeks, to feel good, to be happy.

Contains essential oil of eugenol to enhance the energising effect, boost mental and physical well-being, release blocked energy and stimulate the intellectual faculties.

Fragrance guaranteed without any colourants, developed in France by master perfumers.


Amount 200 ml
Material Isopropanol, Fragrances, Perfumes
Product Code  MB6284