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Charles Farris Portobello Reed Diffuser | Golden Rose, Pomegranate & Davana


Charles Farris Rubus Reed Diffuser | Golden Rose, Pomegranate & Davana

Our newest addition, Portobello, has a rich aroma of fresh raspberry and garden rose. It is underpinned with rich oak smoke, along with refreshing pomegranate, pink pepper, and citrus zest, all of which harmonize to provide a long-lasting, warming, and sensual scent.

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Rose
Middle:  Patchouli, Raspberry, Oak
Base Notes: Amber, Pink Pepper, Vetiver

Care: Reed diffusers work through the gradual evaporation of perfumed oils. To give a fresh boost of fragrance, turn your reeds over or gently swirl the oil to release more scent.

Details: 100ml, lasts between 8 – 10 weeks.

Made in England.